Actively inform your attitude

hey often treat you as a person to confide in. and vent their negative emotions to. you every day, and you gradually become their “emotional trash ca. When you feel that their negative emotions are gradually affecting you. how can you reject their behavior. Here are some practical tips.

Be perfunctory and don’t respond positively

If you don’t want to be a listener Egypt Phone Number List anymore, and don’t want to receive the negative energy and emotions emitted by others when they complain to you. Then you can choose to perfunctorily. respond to them. that i.  don’t give them a good and positive response. If you think that the more positive your response is. The sooner they can vent and. The sooner you can end the topic, then you are wrong. Your positivity will only increase their desire to confide in you. If you perfunctorily respond with “um. oh. Yes” every time, they will lose interest in talking to you over time.

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Actively avoid

When you hear your colleagues complaining about something, if you don’t want to become their “trash can”, then don’t get involved no matter how interested you are in the topic. You should take the initiative to avoid it, go to another position Algeria Phone Number List or place, and don’t get involved. Otherwise, once you get involved, they will find you to complain together next time, and you will become their fixed “gang”.

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