Presenting subdivisions

portable. and whole. Strategically presenting subdivisions is another modular flavor. Repackageable Parts Modular content can also refer to a lengthy. robust piece that you chop into many smaller. self-contained pieces—modules—that you then present in various venues. The idea is to create content that works as a whole or in its parts. You want to structure your content such that internally coherent chunks can be separated from the whole and used on their own. Let’s say we have a ten-gallon bucket of ice cream and a house filled with hyperactive toddlers or adult creatives.

Same difference

We need to use that bucket of ice cream to Buy Telemarketing Data get all those toddlers into the living room for nap time. but they’re toddlers or. again. adult creatives. and they’re very particular about how they consume frozen sugary treats. One modular approach to this problem would be to take bits of that ice cream to create ice cream bowls. ice cream cones. and blended cups of ice cream smoothies. Each repurposing of the core ice cream content will attract different audiences. By utilizing all of them. we can gather all the little rascals into the room and … ice cream drumstickroll.

Please mission accomplished

Buy Telemarketing Data

Of course. now they’re all hopped up on sugar. but that’s a SA Numbers  different problem. Modular content can also work in the opposite way. Using the same example. we can put together a couple of treat trays from various little pieces of candy and snacks from around the house. So. you can build a variety of content from smaller. granular content. The important thing is that modular content can. with a little creative application. appeal to different audiences. Here’s How You Can Use It Your ace content writer has just created a definitive 2.700-word blog that relates maverick marketing techniques to how Tom Cruise’s character in the 80s blockbuster hit movie Top Gun managed to pull off a negative-4G inverted dive in an F-14 Tomcat.


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