So when I need a boost of energy

I turn to synthwave music.Think of it as the never-ending soundtrack to the best video games that never existed. For editing, I switched to “lo-fi hip-hop” music. Dirty secret: It’s really just smooth jazz, modified to appeal to younger people. Likewise, it’s also good for masking distracting background noise and entering deep focus mode.  

Develop your brand’s musical personality strategically

 When you create a social media video for your brand, what is your soundtrack? It’s not enough to just go to your favorite stock music site and search for “harmless corporate vibe.” You’re either going to hear something that sounds like an intro to the evening news, or one of those ukulele fingerpicking whistling monsters

Great writing has a rhythm

The design of the Evernote homepage is clearly focused on encouraging users to register or log in, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. It’s worth noting the use of bright green as a solid accent color to highlight important elements and effectively direct the user’s attention. In short, a website is characterized by a well-organized

 Best Website Design of the Year Fast’s

Part of small interactions is notifying users immediately when they take action.For example, when a user clicks a button, a subtle animation or color change can show that the action is complete, providing comfort and improving ease of use. Likewise, when a user hovers over a clickable portion, small interactions can provide additional context or