The Anatomy of a US Mobile Number

US mobile numbers follow a straightforward 10digit format divided into two parts

Area Code 3 Digits This identifies

The geographic region where the phone number was issued. The US has hundreds of area codes each assigned to a specific city state or region.
Local Phone Number 7 Digits This USA Phone Number unique sevendigit sequence identifies a specific phone line within the area code.
Example A mobile number in Los Angeles California might look like 2135551212. Here 213 is the area code for Los Angeles and 5551212 is the local phone number assigned to a specific phone line.

USA Phone Number

Dialing a US Mobile Number

There are two scenarios to consider when dialing a US mobile number

Placing a Call Within the US No Belgium Phone Number need for an area code if dialing from within the same area code region. Simply dial the sevendigit local phone number.
Placing a Call from Outside the US Dial the international dialing prefix specific to your country e.g. 011 for Canada followed by the US country code 1 then the area code and finally the sevendigit local phone number.
Example To call the Los Angeles number 2135551212 from Canada you would dial 01112135551212.

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