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If you have any questions about the book, please leave a comment below. I can also ask Rick to answer directly. I have spoken with Rick several times in the past and he is a straight shooter 🙂 so I know he will be happy to answer your questions.

Program part live conference

part virtual conference) – 2011 Public Health Crypto Users Number  Informatics Virtual Conference (PHIVC). PHIVC offers partners a way to experience both activities and events during the live 2011 Public Health Informatics (PHI) conference, held August 21-24 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

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Program guide coming soon. PHIVC offers the learning opportunities offered by plenary sessions and many other in-person events; but presents the information in a coherent, forward-looking, “green” way for remote attendees.

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Why a hybrid event

“We know we can do everything now that we couldn’t do before, but a survey that would have taken months now takes five minutes, and employees now have a dashboard where they can find what they need to do right away. Managers and executives now know exactly how we are doing.”

The system has enabled Alameda County to China Phone Number proactively reduce fraud. Before SSIRS was deployed, welfare checks were sometimes sent to clients who were deceased, incarcerated, or not participating in required welfare work activities. Don Edwards believes that “there are a lot of opportunities to save a lot of money in the social service environment to improve welfare and increase revenue, if we can provide the right services at the right time – it will give us a chance to save some of these people.”

How can other local governments benefit from Alameda County’s experience?


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