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Xian Xia novel “Xian Ni”: a journey of cultivating immortals that defies heaven and changes one’s destiny
Xian Ni” is a fairy tale novel written by the famous.  Chinese Internet writer.  Er Gen. It was serializ on the Qidian. Since its release in 2009, this  novel has quickly caus a sensation in the online literature community with its fascinating plot setting, unique system of cultivating immortals, and profound characterizations, and has become a classic in the minds of many readers.

1. Story introduction

“The Immortal Rebellion” tells

The story of Wang Lin, an ordinary switzerland phone number young man who, through unremitting efforts and tenacious perseverance, continues to grow in the world of immortality and changes his destiny against the will of heaven. Wang Lin was born into a poor family and was originally an ordinary boy from a village. However, he was determin and eager to change his destiny through cultivating immortality. By chance, he embark on the road of cultivating immortality. And from then on he embarkon a magnificent journey of cultivating immortality.

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Entering the world of immortality

For the first time. Wang Lin start from an Arabia Whatsapp Number unknown little person, and through constant training and hard work. Fe gradually emerged in the world of immortality. He met a series of nobles and enemies. And through his intelligence and perseverance, he gradually improved his cultivation, and finally became a strong man.

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