GB may not have the same strict

GB’s risks and hidden dangers
1. Security issues
GB is not an officially released application, and its code has not been reviewed and verified by Facebook or Meta (formerly Facebook), which means that GB’s security cannot be guaranteed. Using GB may expose users to the following risks:

Malware and viruses:Since GB is downloaded

from unofficial channels, there is brazil phone number a risk of being infected by malware or viruses, which may steal users’ personal information, bank account information, etc.
Data leakage:¬† data encryption and privacy protection measures as the official ones, and users’ chat records and personal data may be stolen or leaked.
2. Privacy issues.

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Although GB claims to provide more privacy protection options

A since its code¬† officially Australia Phone Number reviewed, users’ privacy may actually be more vulnerable to infringement. GB may collect users’ data and send it to third parties without their knowledge.

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