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Alicia Mazzara Aug 10, 2011  cool Code for America projects in Boston and giving us a glimmer of hope in the recent news. It’s great to see people being empower and innovative. Log in to reply.

Yeah this whole debt crisis

And years of watching this kind of thing, and australia phone number studying it in grad school, has spawn a new phrase that I’ve been thinking about for about a week now. Why complain when you can fix? Why blame when you can create? So glad to hear about these initiatives and feel encourag that our generation won’t be full of angry, demoraliz citizens!

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Log in to reply Carol Davidson Aug 11, 2011 Since October, I have worke on. Four government reform projects, and only one of them has been complete. The DOC is working on improvements. One of the projects even honore me. As for ethical leadership projects, why don’t we invest in PMF type resources? Ethical people are a minority after all.

Smart people are not hard to find

Log in to reply Amelia Brunel Aug 11, 2011 Ethics is hard to assess Log in to reply Andrew Kzmarzyk Aug 11, 2011 ! This got me excite. I am reading a new book by Rick Valerga, Projectegrity, and it is a great read. Rick has a lot of very smart China Phone Number insights on how to properly lead a project, and he gives some great examples to illustrate these concepts. For example, I love his use of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger to fully understand what “ownership” means. Landing on the Hudson River On the morning of January 15, 2009, after a US Airways flight encounter a large flock of geese and lost power in both engines, Captain Sully did all the right things, took control.


The of the situation, and sav the passengers and crew on board. “Sully didn’t curse his boss, the maintenance team, the birds, or anyone else – he was too busy saving 155 people.” Integrity Formula Rick has a list of practices he calls “The Integrity Formula” that I really like. Ownership

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